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Stories that we've loved telling often crossed different genres. For example dramatising the story of Hattie Jacques in a BBC drama (Hattie), starring Ruth Jones, led us to a highly successful factual series about a bridal boutique, which was initially on BBC One and later on TLC and Quest Red. We were thrilled when Caitlin Moran described Curvy Brides Boutique (now in its 80th episode) as ‘majestic’ - what seems to be a show about wedding dresses also works as a story about empowerment, mental health and women's solidarity.


Wasted, a sitcom for E4 told the story of super geek, Morpheus, seeking the support of his spirit guide Sean Bean, played by Sean Bean. The touching friendships at the heart of the story rooted the comedy in real life and made us care and laugh.  ‘Brand new E4 show Wasted - one of the year’s finest comedies…’ NME.


Our series following Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen in their first year of marriage Olivia & Alex Happily Ever After was a playful take on the battle of the sexes, made as a light-hearted observational documentary with two great reality stars, but it wasn't far off a sitcom. 


In April 2020, during lock down, we created a great feel-good series for HGTV, featuring Kate Humble, Max McMurdo and Zoe Pocock, creating lovely things for their own homes. The Weekend Workshop combined the ambitions of up-cycling with the comedy of things going wrong. Our DIY enthusiasts felt warm pride in things that they made for themselves for their own homes.


We’re currently in production for a new series for Discovery about a Hairloss Clinic, examining the emotional impact of hair loss, following dramatic treatment journeys under the guidance of trichologist Eva Proudman and hair surgeon Dr Edward Ball. We're also producing a one off documentary for Channel 4 about Nikki Grahame and making a new series about deep cleaning, featuring Jo Cooke and Alison Law.

The Angel Eye team
Richard Osborne

Managing Director

Executive Producer

Marisa Verazzo

Head of Production

Juliana Surovcova

Head of Operations

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Ollie Durrant

Creative Director

Executive Producer

John O'Callaghan

Executive Producer

Debbie Chalmers

Production Accountant

Federico Favretto


Technical Producer

Ange Eye Team

The Angel Eye team includes a host of talented and wonderful people joining us across many series